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VRtisan – Virtual Reality Interaction in Architectural Visualisation

VRtisan’s immersive virtual reality scenes can be programmed with different levels of interactivity to suit your exact requirements. Everything from lighting, materials and furniture arrangements can be controlled interactively as part of the architectural virtual reality scenes.

Experience your space with different lighting combinations. Turn the interior lights on and off as you walk through the space or even control the exterior sun light to see how the lighting impacts the space at different times of day.

Furniture and finishes options can be controlled interactively within the scene, décor and colour schemes can be tested to a high standard of accuracy. Even small details and interior accessories can be programmed to be interactive, creating truly immersive and fun experiences.

Movement around a space is crucial to the experience. Room-scale virtual reality scenes give users the possibility to walk around both the virtual and physical world simultaneously. Often this type of movement is limited by user’s physical boundaries. Once reached, we use custom-made teleportation locomotion to navigate the architectural spaces. This holds benefits against traditional analogue controller based movements, offering a more comfortable visual experience to the user and limiting the possibility of motion sickness.

Every virtual reality scene we create is bespoke and the interactivity can be tailored to suit your exact aspirations and project budget.

Please get in touch to discuss the possible solutions our interactive virtual reality visuals can offer to advance your architectural design and representation, or in the meantime check out our video about virtual reality interactivity.