Real-time 3d architectural visualisation and virtual reality - VRtisan - London

Architectural Design in Virtual Reality – Dezeen Article

Virtual Reality technology is developing rapidly and there has been a lot of speculation about the future impact the technology could have in the design and construction industry.  We wanted to make this video to show that there are already Virtual Reality tools out there that make it possible to approach the design in a completely new way and fundamentally rethink how we create spaces and places.

Virtual Reality allows architects and designers to step directly into the project and intuitively build spaces around them in real world scale. This offers amazing new possibilities and will undoubtedly become a key part of the design process, allowing designers to create 1 to 1 facsimiles of projects before construction and driving the development from early concept stages to the consideration of final details and materiality.

This can be very rewarding and highlight important aspects of the project that were previously not thought about, especially when designing spaces with complicated arrangements or unique components like stairs and furniture. Virtual reality motion controllers are intuitive and flexible input devices that allow users to create the world around them in an unconstrained way. Using their entire body as part of the process, designers can develop both the dimensional and the ergonomic relationships of spaces and elements. Materials and lighting can be changed directly in the environment to quickly understand the impact of different design decisions.

Designing within virtual reality is the next step in computer aided design, and the ways in which designing in first person from within the space can benefit the design process are numerous. It is a great way to test out complicated ideas and also communicate them very quickly and intuitively as designers can directly share their vision by allowing others to walk around the virtual environment that they have imagined and created.

The methods that we talk about could also easily tie back to the existing design workflows as the digital geometry can be exported and imported between the virtual environment and 3d modelling software used within the industry.

Real-time 3d architectural visualisation and virtual reality - VRtisan - London

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