VRtisan - Panoramic 360 rendered Virtual reality architectural visualisation - Photorealistic Office Interior

Panoramic 360° rendering

360° videos are a great and easily accessible way of a user being able to look around a scene. 360 videos are becoming more and more popular on mainstream media – you will have seen on your facebook timeline the recent surge in 360° videos, with the likes of Mark Zuckerberg giving facebook users the opportunity to have a nose around his office via 360° videos and live streaming. Essentially viewers can pan and rotate the video, so that you are able to view all angles of a scene. 360° videos are compatible with iOS and android operating systems and can also be viewed on computers or with virtual reality headsets. Users can pan the scene by dragging with either their mouse or their finger- or simply by turning their head when using a headset.

4K Quality

Here at VRtisan we see 360° videos as a perfect opportunity to be able to quickly and easily showcase a scene to your client. With our skills-base in 3D modelling and real-time rendering it is possible to create 360° content that benefits from realistic materials and lighting, and with astounding 4K quality. The benefit of real-time technology is that it enables to render stereoscopic 360 images and video more quickly and efficiently compared to traditional rendering methods. A single frame consists of two images – one for the left and one for the right eye. To create an accurate representation of the scene which mimics the disparity in our eyes that creates visual depth, each frame consists of around 1400 images which are merged together to create a single view. Add the recommended frame rate requirement of 60 frames per second and the benefits of real-time rendering methods become clear. Using traditional rendering each second would take about a year to create on a single computer, a real-time system can do it in only a few minutes.

Video Types

We can take 360° video technology further than you may have experienced previously. As well as “still” videos, where the camera is in a set single position and the user looks around from that point, we can also provide a sequence of stills, that moves along a set path at certain time periods, giving the user time to look around a space before being moved along to the next camera point. This is a quick and interactive way for clients to gain an intimate understanding of your project. We can also offer the next stage up from 360° video – a full virtual tour, where the user can more around the scene between pre-generated viewing positions.

Benefits for Clients

360° videos are, in our opinion, a great way to showcase a project to potential clients, providing an in depth understanding of the spatial impact of your project in an immediate and interactive way, without requiring an in depth understanding of the plan and section drawings. We think 360° videos provide an excellent starting point for conversations about how a space will feel and enables clients to gain a better understanding of the project, and make comments on certain aspects quickly and easily, as they can see it right in front of them, and are not relying on their imagination or a badly rendered snapshot of a revit model that can often be more distracting than it is helpful.

If you have any questions or would like to request a quote for a 360° images, video or virtual tour for your project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.