The VRtisan Experience - Article - Benefits of virtual reality for architects and the construction industry

The VRtisan experience

VR: Virtual Reality is the most realistic representation of a building’s design. For the first time, the final design can be experienced before the physical presence of the building. It is the final medium for representation. VR is what your target audience needs in order to fully experience your designs and ensures your company is at the forefront of technology within the construction industry.

VRtisan creates immersive VR visualisation experiences to connect the gap between the theoretical design and user. By placing a headset on, you literally step into a live 1:1 model of your building. You lose your sense of the place you were and are present in that building environment. We create this realistic experience through the latest software technology in real-time rendering, Unreal Engine. This development platform uses physically based rendering allowing us to create lifelike and stunning scenes with photo-realistic lighting and textures.

Real-time 3d architectural visualisation and virtual reality - VRtisan - London

VRtisan Services

Providing users with the direct vision of the architect leaves the door open for greater confidence in the design. This is the comfort that customers need when buying off-plan. Our VR experiences allows an understanding of the space, scale and materiality of the project, that is expressed in a way that is incomparable with any other medium. Employing this approach fundamentally rules out uncertainty in the end product. Importantly this is assessable to all levels in the industry from trained architects to customers.

For many years, human judgment and scale models were the main design methods. Now, VRtisan’s services can help users test the logistical design of a space. The user can place into a space fixtures, appliances and bespoke furniture intuitively in VR. With the high level of detail we can provide, the exact arrangement, colour and quality can be accurately tested through engagement.

Real-time 3d architectural visualisation and virtual reality - VRtisan - London


Using VR to represent a scheme at any stage of the design process can be beneficial commercially. Changes to the building during construction or detailed design are extremely expensive and time-consuming. Providing the design team, contractor and client with more insight and control reduces change, therefore mitigating risk in projects.

Design iterations and early massing for projects can be tested thoroughly. Complex relationships between the building and it’s context can be quickly conveyed and tested by a client. This increased interaction ultimately leads to a more satisfied customer and client.

Improve bid submissions by showcasing your past project portfolio in VR. With our technical representation expertise, key spatial ideas can be accurately communicated to suit your needs. It is a creative technological solution to quickly and effectively represent increasingly complex buildings in submission interviews.

VR potential

VR’s application in construction is vast. Including VRtisan’s immersive VR experience alongside traditional representation has the potential to increase sales, build new levels of client relationship and a different way to increase your portfolio. Given the nature of VR representation these benefits can be flexibly realised without large investment. It is the frontier of technology in construction and the only way to really understand this, is by experiencing VR firsthand.

The VRtisan Experience - Article - Benefits of virtual reality for architects and the construction industry - Virtual Reality Controllers