Real-time 3d architectural visualisation and virtual reality - VRtisan - London - Levels of Detail Article

VRtisan Services – Level of Detail

Whether you are trying to figure out the best spatial arrangement for your project or want to showcase the design in its full glory, we understand that each project is individual and we can offer different levels of detail to suit your requirements, budget and degree of design development

We created a basic guide to showcase the three main scene development options for our real-time rendered architectural visuals and virtual reality experiences.

We can use your existing 3D building models or create the spaces based on architectural drawings/sketches. We can furnish the scene with bespoke elements and materials to suit your exact specification or we can use our existing library of objects and textures to set the scene.

Our real-time rendered architectural visuals and virtual reality scenes use pre-calculated lighting and physically based shading to accurately represent real-world materials.

The scene elements can be either static or dynamic – if you are interested in testing out different design options or want to make the scene more engaging we can setup the scene with interactive elements that allow users to modify these as part of the real-time architectural visualisation experiences.


The basic option is great for testing massing and getting an understanding of the spatial relationships of the proposal. This is also the quickest service we can offer with most scenes delivered within a week.

The environment includes the main building geometry and furniture with solid single-color materials. The scene can be used like a canvas for testing out ideas and configurations.

This is are also the least performance demanding option which makes it a good choice for interactive visuals on mobile platforms.


The photorealistic option is good for visualising detailed designs and experience the spaces exactly as proposed. It can also act as a design tool to help finalize the design and test out different material configurations.

The environment includes the building geometry and main furnishings with photo-realistic materials.

We can create photo-realistic scenes of both the interior and exterior of your project. Internally, panoramic photographs can be used to show accurate views from the interior spaces or externally of the surrounding context. Subject to your requirements we can also model the surrounding buildings and site to create an interactive scene of the whole development.


The full works version offers the opportunity to showcase the design in the maximum level of detail while giving the users a clear understanding of all aspects of the project – from general spatial configurations to ergonomic relationships and practical aspects such electrical outlets or light switches.

The environment includes the building geometry, furniture with photo-realistic materials and interior accessories to set the scene. Subject to your specification we can also add all the electrical fixtures and fittings such as switches, plug sockets and bespoke lighting.